About The Riverwalk

The Bridgehouse Museum is the cultural anchor of the Chicago Riverwalk, a linear park along the south bank of the Chicago River’s Main Stem.

Whether jogging, biking, strolling or just sitting along the Riverwalk, locals and visitors alike can enjoy the tranquility of the Chicago River and nature in an astounding urban setting. Additional Riverwalk attractions include Ellen Lanyon’s Riverwalk Gateway (at Lake Shore Drive), the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza (at State Street), restaurants, cafes, river cruises and kayak rentals.

The Riverwalk’s expansion is ongoing, with the portion between State Street and LaSalle Street scheduled to open in spring 2015. This three-block addition will offer different themes, including The Marina Plaza (between State and Dearborn streets), which will feature restaurants and public seating; The Cove (between Dearborn and Clark streets), offering kayak rentals and docks for human-powered watercraft; and The River Theater (between Clark and LaSalle streets) where terraced seating and shade trees from upper Wacker Street down to the river level will complement a performance area. Three additional themed blocks are set to be completed in 2016.

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